Monday, May 12, 2014

A Little Anxious

I am a little anxious about next weekend. You see I am going to go volunteer at Ironman Texas to register for next years race. I completed my first 70.3 two years ago and have completed two more since then. I have always wanted to do a full Ironman but the minute I register, it is going to become real and there is no backing out. My husband supports this. My daughters who are 2 and 4 have no clue what I am about to take on.

Here is what I am anxious about:
1) Can I complete this in the 17 hours?
2) Am I going to have enough time to train and not take away from family?
3) Will this take to much time away from my family that I will not be able to get back?
4) Is this a smart decision?

You see the Ironman has always been on my bucket list. I just want to do this one time:

I want to know that I am not only physically capable but also mentally.
I need to know that I have the mental toughness to do this.
I want to set an example to my kids about living a healthy lifestyle without being overly consumed.
I want to show my children to set goals and go after them.

I am sure this list will grow but for now, as I read people's post about racing this coming weekend. I get nervous too because I will be committing to something big. And once I commit to something I will see it through.